About Us

Akas Global / Greyas which is a leading and rapid devoloping company in their genre; combines innovation and experience, keeps on continuous service to their customers. Akas Global / Greyas -dates back to 1970- became in demand in every branch they take part in with their continual services and sustainable quality management view. They have been producing their products in a facility of 5000 m² indoor, 10000 m² outdoor units in Istanbul and according to best quality management guidelines of ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22000:2005. Akas Global / Greyas has a potential of processing 00 tons of commodity and fulfilled exports to more than 35 countries. With their designing team who are leading in the sector and importance they show for r/d gives their customers a service that guarantees confidence. Akas Global / Greyas aims to keep on developing projects and creating products that will create difference with the importance they show for development, their understanding of quality and towering success graphics. The great packaging of products and consistent delivery of goods with zero delay made the firm trustworthy and appreciable.


Akas Global / Greyas do the designing of all the products under their own studio and finishes all molding necessities within their facilities. Design solution and molding facility is the main reason that products can be delivered easily and hassle-free. Our major commodities are:

  • GPPS
  • HIPS
  • PP
  • CO-PP
  • ABS
  • BIO PE
  • PET-G


AKAS GLOBAL & GREYAS never compromises with the quality and hence they have received ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 Certificates. At the same time they are amongest the first user of ERP system.

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